Check Out Some Las Vegas Fight Club Action

Kids Boxing Classes In Las Vegas Check Out Some Las Vegas Fight Club Action

Personal Training Info

Beginner Program

-How to Properly Wrap Your Hands

-Skipping rope like a pro

-Hitting the speed bag

-Hitting the double end bag

-Proper boxing stance

-Basic defense

-Basic punch combinations

-How to hit the heavy bag properly

Intermediate Program

-Multiple Punch Combinations

-Conditioning for your 1st fight

-Mitt drills -Heavy bag drills

-How to fight a southpaw


To take our advanced 1 on 1 training you must have had either 3 amateur fights or 1 professional fight.

This program is designed for someone that is looking to fight.

Anyone taking at least 20 sessions will get either an amateur fight or 1 professional fight.


10 sessions- $850

5 sessions- $450

1 session- $100