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1 on 1 Training

To take our advanced 1 on 1 training you must have had either 3 amateur fights or 1 professional fight.  This program is designed for someone that is looking to fight.Anyone taking at least 20 sessions will get either an amateur fight or 1 professional fight.

Adult Training

The Las Vegas fight club has programs for kids boxing classes, adults, beginners and professional fighters. We offer small classes with personalized attention so that you really learn something 

Kids Boxing Training

Our kids boxing has levels for any child. If your child has never boxed we will show the the basic fundamentals. If your child has prior experience and would like to compete in local amateur we can help them achieve there goals.

Muay Thai

Learn the science of eight limbs our Muay Thai training includes mitt work, Thai pads and clinch work. We also do sparring for all levels from beginner to advanced

Meet Our Trainer

Jayson Gallegos

Legendery trainer Jayson Gallegos and the Las Vegas fight club staff provide world class training programs to adults as well as kids from age 8 and up.With small class sizes and  1 on 1 instruction Jason prides himself on not only teaching boxing fundamentals guiding boxing students from there 1st lesson to there 1st fight. champions.

Best Mitt Work In Las Vegas Private Sessions Available
Kaipo Championship
kids boxing classes

The Las Vegas Fight Club

                                                                                       Kids boxing classes Las Vegas

The Las Vegas fight club has programs for kids boxing classes, adults, beginners and professional fighters. Our kids boxing classes are split up into two classes. Ages 7-14 and ages 15-21. The 7-14 age group class starts Monday thru Friday at 4:30PM and ends at 6:00PM. Our 15-21 age group class starts at 6:00 and runs until 7:30 PM. Each class consists of boxing basics as well as conditioning, drills and sparring (Take a look) . If your child wants to compete in local or national tournaments our students compete on both a local and national level and in fact our fighters hold numerous national titles.


Kids Classes 5pm-6pm

$200 Enrollment fee.

Monthly Fee- $100


Adults 7:30 pm-10pm

Plan A: $300 enrollment fee to start then $200 every month starting on the 3rd month. ** Includes one on one pad work twice weekly.

Plan B: $400 to start then $300 every month . ** Includes one on one pad work three times weekly.

Plan C: $500 to start then $400 every month . ** Includes one on one pad work 4 times weekly.

Boxing Classes Las Vegas
Tim has only been training with us 6 months!!
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Boxing for kids

Kids boxing classes Las Vegas
1. Workout

The number one advantage of boxing is that it is among the best forms of workout. Boxing is a really literally requiring sport. It calls for the individual taking part to have both strength and stamina. In order to be effective in the ring, you must be able to go the length of the boxing match. In order to have the ability to stand up to the size of the suit, your stamina needs to be exceptional. In other sports that kids enjoy to play such as baseball, basketball, football, as well as football, endurance is additional because there are alternatives as well as deductions in play.

2. Self Defense
Boxing will certainly permit your children to be able to protect themselves if they ever before have to. This can be an incredibly beneficial tool for your kids to discover because the world can be very unsafe.

3. Tension Alleviation
Boxing can be a terrific method to relieve anxiety. It can be used as a type of hostility control. Kids have to manage a lot of feelings throughout their life time. Boxing will certainly provide a release and also permit them to let out their tension in a positive way.

4. Technique
By showing your youngsters boxing auto mechanics, you will properly be educating your youngsters control as well as self-control. In order to be an excellent fighter, a person must be disciplined and reading the motions with precision.

5. Stamina
Boxing can help enhance overall toughness. This could lead to boosted bone growth, enhanced effective weight loss, as well as overall much healthier being. The even more muscles as well as stamina your children have, the much healthier they will be.

6. Pastime
By giving your children a leisure activity that they delight in, you will be helping them prevent the bad pastimes that can harm them, such as computer game, net, tv, etc. By providing a pastime that encourages being active and also physical, you will inevitably lower the amount of time they have to take part in the leisure activities that might create them to be undesirable.

As you could see, there are a lots of advantages that boxing gives your youngsters. There is a lot of safety equipment that will assist to make boxing more secure compared to it utilized to be. Actually, the equipment that is offered to boxers currently could even safeguard kids from injury more than football, one more prominent sporting activity amongst kids today.

Jason Gallegos pro boxer

15 Year old Pro Boxer Jayson “J Dog” Gallegos trains at the Las Vegas Fight Club. As one of the youngest Pro boxers in the United States Jayson won his pro debut by knockout. To follow Jayson’s career you can go to his instagram page by clicking HERE


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